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Lauren’s yoga journey began at the age of 6shewould attend gymnastic and dance and loved to stretch and flow she went on to attend classes with her mom and thissimplicity and joy live on in her practice and teachings to this day. She shares from the depth of her own sadhana (sustained practice), herstudentship in the eight-limbed path, her creative approach to asana, and her reverence for jivatmukti and forrest yoga teaching. With over fifteenyears in studentship to the practice,Lauren offers classes that challenge students toutilize their own discernment, to discover within themselvesthat they are all that they seek, and to uncover the radical depth of our interconnectedness.In March of 2020 she founded Lauren B Yoga.Based in New York,NYshe now shares the teachings through her classes in New York, retreats, workshops, sound healing facilitatortraining, an online platform, and recordingsfilled with heart-centered mantra.She is certified in JivatmuktiYoga with sequence certification in Forrest Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Healing.The Power of Sound:Sound Healing is Lauren’s calling. We are all instruments,and we must use our sound frequency on this earth to elevate ourselves.Lauren’s childhoodwasspent exploring the bay and golf course of Inwood Country Club, Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean in Long Beach NY, orphaninganimals (everything from gold fish, bunnies,to dogs and cats) running barefoot eating strawberries from her grandmothers garden and singing before she could talk—an experience that informs herlife andteachings to this day.After a two year-long move to Montrealand meeting Claudia-Jade her guru,Lauren decided to become a yoga teacher and took her teacher training in French.Through her life with yoga. She has connected and touched many and has explored surfing, tennis, horsebackriding —above all—timein solitudeon her meditation mat.It is through this practice that she found the greatest connection. Humbled by the gifts and opportunities offered to herby herteachers and by this practice. It is herlife’s work to honor what has come before and what will carry on, and to offer the teachings with all the integrity shehas. To bring her students to their own self-realizationof all that they are inside of them

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